An automotive manufacturer was having failures that were caused by heavy gouges and wear in their hydraulic cylinder walls. Another issue was that the rings would break on the piston and cause damage. This is on the application that puts the molten aluminum under pressure and then the rod and piston slam the aluminum into a die to create a transmission case. The customer was buying new sets of barrels/tubes, rods, and pistons at the manufactures price getting very expensive.
This is where our Hydraulic Cylinder Repair shop comes into play. They were able to repair the rods and piston assemblies at a lesser cost than purchasing new. The barrels can also be repaired as well through the shop by honing the cylinders and adding chrome to them then honing to the exact dimensions. The original manufacturer does not chrome plate their barrels as standard. However, the barrels being repaired by Horner’s Hydraulic Cylinder Repair shop will be going back to the customer much stronger and harder than the originally manufactured product. This will provide a better mating surface for the piston rings to ride on. Horner’s Hydraulic Cylinder Repair facility has been turning around the repaired items in better shape than the original units and they’re lasting longer than the OEM.