One of Louisville’s largest customers pro- duces aluminum foil. Manufacturing foil starts with aluminum rolls up to 1/2” thick. This plant takes the ½” thick thru mill 6, which reduces the foil thickness to less than 0.100” thickness. From mill 6, the rolls are rolled thinner in mills 3-4-5. After several passes thru these mills, the rolls go to mill 1-2 to roll to thickness required for commercial or residential use. Standard household or standard duty aluminum foil is 0.00063” thick and extra heavy duty foil is 0.00094” thick. Both thinner than 1 thousandth of an inch. Rolling aluminum foil this thick requires a lubricant applied to aluminum each time the aluminum passes thru a mill to reduce thickness. The lubricant is sprayed as a fine mist before the aluminum enters the roll mill. This lubricant is everywhere in the plant, including the dc motors that drive the mill. Horner is scheduled every 6 months to perform motor PM on mills 1 – 6 main, rewind, and unwind dc motors. We spray solvent inside the motor frame to clean lubricant off the frame. Carbon brushes are removed, inspected, and replaced as needed. The largest mill motor is the main, 1500 HP. The mills were manufactured at different times, so the mills have either 4, or 5, or 6 dc motors. GE/SIEMENS manufactured by GE, or ABB motors are used. One photo shows how dirty the filter gets in 6 months and a photo of new air filter. The other photo shows Charlie Mings working on a 1500 HP GE main mill motor.