In September Horner was called out to a rubber manufacturer in Tennessee to measure common mode currents on a 1500HP DC Drive. The drive end gearbox had just failed. It was found that they had bearing fluting that went through the DC motor into the shaft of the gearbox and into the bearing. The DC drive was connected to the gearbox and that gearbox was connected to a mixer. It mixed raw rubber for the plant.  They measured that the amps were destructive and could cause damage by bearing fluting in the future and they would have the same problem all over again and costing alot of money. Bill Roper and Mike Croft came to the rescue with CoolBLUE. It was installed, and the reduction of common mode currents was reduced from 52 amps (2.60 volts) down to < 2 amps (80 millivolts. This reduction represents a change of 96% in common mode currents being generated by the DC Drive. This was one happy customer and praised Horner for our solutions.

Before CoolBLUE

After CoolBLUE