After having successfully cutting coils from a stator on site four times previously, the 3,000 HP stator finally died and had to be scheduled to be rewound at a cement plant in KY. The removal of the motor is not the conventional way you think of a motor being removed, you start by removing the outside wall of the building it is in, and then sticking the boom of the crane inside the building to be able to lift the motor. standing at a safe distance from the equipment, the motor does not look all that large, but as if gets closer and to the ground level, you can see it gets a lot bigger. The 40,000 lb. motor was pulled, placed on a low boy trailer, and brought to Indy for rewind. They shop had to work on this unit around the clock to get it rewound in the time frame the customer was asking for, but they met that expectation, and it was returned. The motor had to be reinstalled exactly as it was removed. But once it was in place, we were able to turn it over to production after 3 days of installation and assembly. The customer is again making powder out of rocks, to make cement.