A recycling scrapyard in Dayton, OH had a few problems with one of two 2000 HP DC motors. The outboard motor was going through brushes and they were having flash-over issues causing field coil damage. The 2 motors are coupled together to run a shredder that shreds anything from cars, and scrap iron, to office furniture etc. The customer’s spare motor was sent to our shop at Washington Street to make sure the motor was ready to go when it was switched out with the motor needing repair. Washington Street bought and installed a new coupling and then sent the motor back to the customer for our Field Service Team to put into service. The Springfield Field Service team switched out the old motor with the spare. The motors were precision laser aligned to each other, (This was all done in one day). The customer had the OEM on site the following Monday to tune the two drives to their motors for proper operation. The shredder was started up with no issues. A follow-up visit was conducted by the Springfield shop to recheck the alignment a week later to verify alignment at the customer’s request. The customer was well pleased with the project from start to finish. Job well done by all involved.