A large aggregate company in Southern Indiana that Horner Industrial has serviced for years contacted Horner as they had a 1,500 HP 180 rpm Open Frame AC Wound Rotor/Synchronous motor that needed to be removed, rewound, and reinstalled. This motor was manufactured in the 1950’s and it was one heavy piece of iron. (42,000lbs) Once it was removed, transporting it posed a challenge to Horner’s Logistics Department as it had to be transported on a special “low-boy” semi-trailer due to its size. We had to make sure that it would pass under all the overpasses on I-65 from Louisville to Indianapolis.
Horner Industrial’s Field Service Team removed the motor and loaded it onto the trailer to be transported to Horner’s facility on Washington Street. Once it arrived it was cleaned as it had years of concrete dust built up in every crevice possible. Once cleaned, it was tested to determine the cause of failure. The results of the test revealed that the rotor had failed in the slot, even though the stator passed all tests the customer made the decision to wind it as well just due to the age.
Both the stator and rotor were burnt and stripped taking extra care in recording the winding data, especially for the rotor, as this rotor is made up of a single winding used for both the AC wound rotor and the DC synchronous rotor. This is a very rare design and we had to ensure everything went back as originally designed. This task was assigned to Keith Pelley. Keith was pretty much dedicated to this job for several months to ensure a successful result. The rest of the winding department concentrated on the stator and ensuring that
all other winding jobs flowed through the shop.
Due to the diameter of both the stator and the rotor it was necessary to send both pieces out to another large shop for banding and VPI treatment. When that shop received the unit’s, the comment was made that it was one of the best looking windings they had ever seen. That is quite the compliment when it comes from people within our industry that know what to look for. Thank you to all involved in both the rotor and stator winding process.
This opportunity truly was a team effort amongst both EFS and MFS Field Service Teams, the Washington Street Shop Team and our Logistics Team. Congratulations to all on a job well done.