Recently, a larger University in Indiana suffered a flood in the Main Campus Library.
During a large rain event, they had (2) 75hp motors with grounding rings exposed to water in the small basement mechanical room. Upon checking stock, delivery of new motors equipped with an internal grounding brush would be 5 to 6 weeks. As the motors are being operated by VFD’s, the customer wanted some form of protection against common mode current which could lead to bearing fluting and motor failure. Horner Salesperson Joseph Motz took the opportunity to present the Cool Blue and NaLA inductive absorbers to the customer. Given that Horner had the Cool Blue cores in stock and TECO could ship an off the shelf motor in 5 business days, the customer was thrilled to give us a PO. Once the motors arrived and some reconstruction of the room was complete, University Technicians installed the Cool Blue cores and reconnected the motors. University officials were thrilled to have the units back operational so fast and they now see many potential additional applications on campus.