The water/wastewater market can sometimes be a tough market to get into. Manufacturers build specific products that are built solely around this market to help remain competitive against other markets such as industrial/HVAC. One challenge is that manufacturers only have a few select distributors that have access to their water/wastewater products. Sometimes a customer may have an existing water/ wastewater product or wants a brand that Horner does not have direct access to. Unfortunately, this limits our ability to react quickly, quote competitively, and support the customer the way they deserve. This is why Horner continues to build relationships with other top-quality brands to better serve our customers no matter what their market is. We never want the customer to feel like they are handcuffed to a specific brand or solution for their application. This opportunity was a great example of this. The customer called us in hopes of getting a replacement soft start. The other supplier had a much longer lead time. By gathering info from the existing cabinet such as available space, wiring, and features, we were able to provide an “in stock” solution along with all the proper drawings/specs to make the customer feel comfortable in switching brands. They were able to receive this Benshaw soft start and hit the ground running with all the prep work done ahead of time. Due to the customer’s satisfaction with the end result, the customer will likely be reaching out to us on more opportunities like this. This all goes back to our ability to react quickly, quote competitively, and provide the support needed to get the job done effortlessly with the manufacturers we have aligned ourselves with.