Marion Gearbox Repair

When your company needs gearbox repair, Horner Industrial’s Marion gearbox repair shop can help.  Our experienced Marion-area staff of machinists and mechanics are readily available to work with your company to get your gearbox up and running in the shortest possible time. Horner industrial is committed to keeping all of your rotating equipment running efficiently and smoothly while extending overall equipment life while reducing operation costs.

Repairing an existing gearbox back to its original manufacturing standards can cost 40% less the replacement unit and can even Marion gearbox repair reduce turnaround time from an average of 26 weeks to one week.  Horner industrial has years of experience servicing and repairing gearboxes. We repair brands such as Slender, Hansen, Lufkin, Falk, Moog and SEW.

One of the unique features that Horner Industrial offers is that our company has the capability of being able to spray hardcode finishes on the bearing journals and wear points in the gearbox casing which will extend the life of the repair beyond that of the original design.  Horner Industrial’s experienced mechanical field service team can also assist with the removal and reinstallation of the gearbox from your plant.  Horner Industrial also offers 24 seven emergency service utilizing our fleet of over 100 trucks we will pick up and deliver your gearbox on the date and time you request.

Marion Gearbox Repair


We give you Security, Cost Savings and Flexibility with our own Logistics Department.  We are one of the few Industrial repair facilities with this ability.

Marion Gearbox RepairWe have our own logistics processes in place to meet the requirements of various industries, our fleet contains over 120 vehicles!

  • Semi with 80,000 GVW rating
  • Numerous flatbeds with 41,000 GVW rating
  • Small delivery 1 ton vehicles
  • Field service box vans
  • Box trucks for water tight carrying
  • Boom trucks for customers without fork lift capabilities

All of this means you can count on us – all the way from your breakdown to delivery. Our truck fleet is ready for your pick up whether we are working on spare equipment or 24/7 emergency equipment.