Electric Motor Repair and Maintenance

If you are in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan, Horner Industrial Group offers professional and efficient electric motor repair and maintenance. Using quality materials and thorough testing procedures, our experienced electric motor rebuilding service professionals can provide 24/7 service and support. Our electric motor and industrial maintenance services include inspection, testing and documentation, motor rewind and reconditioning, repair and removal services as well as pick-up and delivery of serviced parts.  You’ll find our electric motor repair shops in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Fort Wayne, Springfield, and Terre Haute.  Too far to bring it to us?  Let our logistics division quickly bring your motor to one of our local shops.

Some of the electric motors we currently service and rebuild:

  • AC & DC Electric Motors
    (Brushless DC Servomotors)

  • Explosion Proof Motors

  • Spindle Motors

  • Permanent Magnet Motors

  • Small & Large Motors up to 10,000 h.p.

  • Metric Motors

  • Special Purpose Motors

  • Synchronous Motors

  • Brake Motors

  • Hoist Motors

  • Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors
  • High Frequency Alternators

  • Dynamometers

  • Eddy Current Clutches

  • Generators

  • Miscellaneous Apparatus

  • Railroad Motors and Generators

Electrical Services Available

  • Rewind and Recondition
  • Rewind with Class H Insulation
  • Rewind with Inverter Duty Wire
  • Complete Testing – Documentation – Reporting
  • Core Loss Testing
  • 10 Foot Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System
  • Quality Control
  • Authorized Warranty Repair for Major Brands
  • Pick-up and Delivery of Serviced Parts
Electric Motor Repair and Maintenance
Electric Motor Repair and Maintenance

Motor Delivery Logistics

We give you Security, Cost Savings and Flexibility with our own Logistics Department.  We are one of the few Industrial repair facilities with this ability.

We have our own logistics processes in place to meet the requirements of various industries, our fleet contains over 120 vehicles!

  • Semi with 80,000 GVW rating
  • Numerous flatbeds with 41,000 GVW rating
  • Small delivery 1 ton vehicles
  • Field service box vans
  • Box trucks for water tight carrying
  • Boom trucks for customers without fork lift capabilities

All of this means you can count on us – all the way from your breakdown to delivery. Our truck fleet is ready for your pick up whether we are working on spare equipment or 24/7 emergency equipment.  So stop searching ‘Electric Motor Repair and Maintenance,’ and trust the trained experts at Horner Industrial Group!