Dayton Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

From basic to advanced Dayton hydraulic cylinder repair, we understand your in-plant hydraulic maintenance needs. Our certified technicians are available when you need them, around the clock, to keep you running smoothly. Our Dayton hydraulic cylinder repair services include pumps, cylinders, motors, power units, hoses and valves. Horner Industrial Group’s engineering expertise includes design, drawing, and documentation to assist with the hydraulic cylinder repair process.

Some of the Dayton hydraulic cylinder repair and test equipment we use includes:

  • Mobile Test Carts
  • Power Unit for Charging Pump Pressure
  • Transfer Carts, up to 30 gpm
  • Valve Tester, 110 gallon, 10 hp motor, 1740 RPM, 10 gpm
  • Automatic Cylinder Tube Honing Machine, 21″ ID
  • Tuxco Cylinder Disassembly Machine, 25,000 ft.- lb.
  • Pump Test Stand 265 gallon, 50 hp motor 1200 RPM
  • Pump Test Stand, 70 gallon, 20 hp motor, 1175 RPM
  • Oilgear Test Stand, 265 gallon, 100 hp motor 1200 RPM
  • Oilgear Test Stand, 215 gallon, 40 hp, 1475 RPM
  • Dake 150 ton Hydraulic Press
  • Carolina 50 ton Hydraulic Press
  • Lapmaster 24 Lapping Table
  • Four (4) Disc Lapping Table

Training Programs:

We also offer training programs on your industrial equipment, from the most basic to advanced, and tailor each program to your requirements. Horner Industrial Group’s training programs can include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • System Upgrades
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Complete Overhauls
  • On-site Repair

  • System Flushing and Filtration
  • Laboratory Fluid Analysis
  • Leak-free Plumbing
  • Pick-up and Delivery


Machine Shop Specifications
No. Of Operations: 3 Shift Operations


We give you Security, Cost Savings and Flexibility with our own Logistics Department.  We are one of the few Industrial repair facilities with this ability.

unnamedWe have our own logistics processes in place to meet the requirements of various industries, our fleet contains over 120 vehicles!

  • Semi with 80,000 GVW rating
  • Numerous flatbeds with 41,000 GVW rating
  • Small delivery 1 ton vehicles
  • Field service box vans
  • Box trucks for water tight carrying
  • Boom trucks for customers without fork lift capabilities

All of this means you can count on us – all the way from your breakdown to delivery. Our truck fleet is ready for your pick up whether we are working on spare equipment or 24/7 emergency equipment.