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When you need industrial equipment repair and maintenance, call the experienced professionals at Horner Industrial Group of Indianapolis. Providing 24/7 service and exceptional emergency response, we help you keep your maintenance costs down, maximize your product’s reliability and maintain your company’s productivity.

We currently offer the following industrial services:

  • electric motor repair
    Electric Motor Repair
  • electrical and mechanical field service
    Electrical & Mechanical Field Service
  • Advanced Vibration Analysis
    Advanced Vibration Analysis
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
    Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
  • Mechanical Services
    Mechanical Services
  • Machine Shop Services
    Machine Shop Services
  • Medium Voltage Services
    Medium Voltage Services
  • Transformer and Specialty Coils
    Transformer and Specialty Coils
  • Switchgear Maintenance
    Switchgear Maintenance
  • Industrial Fan Design & Fabrication
    Industrial Fan Design & Fabrication
  • Thermal & Industrial Coating
    Thermal & Industrial Coating