A power plant in Indiana had Horner recondition 6 large motors during an outage they had in April. The Power Plant is a coal fired electric generation plant.
The key component of the power generation plant is the boiler, and is also called the steam generator. The essence of the power generation plant is to create the steam in boilers. This steam is sent at high pressure to a turbine that generates electricity. The coal is first crushed into small particles using equipment called pulverizers.
A joint effort between the Terre Haute Shop, the Washington St. shop, and field service helped to turn around this project quickly. The motors are as follows:
•2ea. 2000HP Primary Air (PA) Motors
•2ea. 2500HP Forced Draft (FD) Motors
•2ea. 7000HP Induced Draft (ID) Motors
The ID Fan Motor: Induced Draft – Usually located at or near the base of the smoke stack. This fan motor draws flue gases from the furnace or boiler system and delivers to the stack for release into the atmosphere.
The FD Fan Motor: Forced Draft – Usually located at the inlet of the boiler system. This fan motor draws air from the atmosphere and forces into the furnace or boiler system where it mixes with the fuel to produce positive pressure.
The PA Fan Motor: Primary Air – This fan motor supplies air for conveying of the pulverized coal into the furnace or boiler system.
Horner Field Service was onsite for the removal of all motors and also for the installation when repairs were completed. Outage started on April 13th and MFS was onsite to pull these motors the week of April 15th. The outage ends on May 10th and MFS will be onsite May 2nd through May 7th to install the repaired motors.
Thanks to everyone who touched this project, your hard work is greatly appreciated by Horner, by the customer, and the citizens who use the power.