A Saturday at midnight Horner rep Dennis Cardwell received a call from a local pallet/mulch maker saying that their 750 HP motor had broken the shaft. Dennis set into motion after hours to see if a motor could be located only to find the motor was a special OEM build and we could not quote the motor. Not being satisfied with this Dennis contacted Craig Hallett (Inside Sales Manager) for a meeting to see if we could find a motor that would come close and perhaps do some modifications. As it turns out we located a stock 800HP TECO-Westinghouse motor with the right shaft height, even though there were many differences we proceeded to see if we could make it work. After modifications to the motor by the factory and to the motor base made by Horner Fan & Fab, (including a new 8 belt sheave) we were able to get the customer back up and running. This effort once again showed the Horner advantage by using multiple divisions to address the customers issues. Those included the sales department, motor shop, inside sales, fan & fabrication, as well as mechanical field service, and advise from our electrical field service.