What makes the Horner Motor Division stick out from most motor shops besides the breadth of services it offers is its ability to fix and problem solve non-standard motors and equipment. We employ some of the best winders and mechanics whose knowledge is incomparable. We received a 2000 HP Mill Stand motor from an aluminum plant for repair. Fractures were found in the risers exiting the commutator bars with a design from Siemens that would definitely be considered “non-standard.” Many of the design characterizations were due to lots of horsepower in a fairly small frame. We replaced the commutator, windings, and equalizers in the armature which required the equalizers to be built from scratch. The only thing we got was the conductors themselves. We fabricated
a jig to help facilitate building this part of the armature. We also upgraded the brushes, holders, springs, and quick disconnects to a more modern style that is much easier to work with in the field when it comes time to change the brushes. All of this work was performed on a rush/overtime basis and took several months to complete. Special thanks to: Keith Pelley who did 100% of the winding, Billy Burge, Erik Lehman and Starsun Hendrix for the assembly and disassembly, and Paul Crutchefield at Horner Industrial Coatings who did all the welding.