Horner Gearbox Repair Capabilities

Lufkin Gearbox RepairGearbox failure can lead to costly downtime and production losses. When your company has a need for a Lufkin gearbox repair, Horner Industrial’s experienced staff of mechanics and machinists are readily available to work with your company to get your gearbox up and running in the shortest possible time. Gearbox repairs are performed in our modern machine shop which is equipped with the latest CNC machinery. This allows us to hold extremely tight tolerances, thereby ensuring that your gearbox will perform at peak efficiency. In addition, we have a large inventory of replacement parts on-hand, so we can usually complete repairs quickly and without delay. At Horner Industrial, we are committed to keeping all of your rotating equipment running efficiently and smoothly while extending overall equipment life and reducing operation costs.


What We Repair

  • Gearboxes

  • Bearings & Gears

  • Housings & Bearing Journals

  • Shafts

  • Coatings & Refurbishments

Repairing an existing gearbox to its original manufacturing standards can cost 40% less than the replacement unit

We can reduce turnaround time from an average of 26 weeks to 2 weeks

Lufkin Gearbox RepairWe have a large service area with multiple Midwest locations to better serve our clients. We offer 24-hour industrial solutions and equipment repair.

Horner Industrial also offers 24/7 emergency service.
Our fleet of over 100 trucks are ready to pick up and
deliver your Lufkin gearbox on the date and time you request. Reach out today!