Louisville Electric Motor Repair

The Horner Industrial Group provides top-notch electric motor repair services in Louisville. We use only quality materials and follow thorough testing procedures to ensure that our customers’ electric motors are in top condition. Our highly experienced electric motor repair professionals can provide 24/7 service and support, making sure that your motors are running smoothly at all times. We offer a wide range of Louisville electric motor repair and industrial maintenance services, including inspection, testing and documentation, motor rewind and reconditioning, and removal services. We also offer convenient pick-up and delivery of serviced parts. So if you’re in need of electric motor repair or industrial maintenance services in Louisville, the Horner Industrial Group is here to help!

Louisville Electric Motor Repair

Specialty Motors for Your Industry

With precision craftsmanship and expert assembly, our team here at Horner Industrial utilize their abilities in our state-of-the-art workshop to build the best industrial and manufacturing products in the country.  Whether you are looking for food and beverage manufacturing motor repair services, or a sterling electric motor, our team will listen to your specific needs, and collaborate to bring you the best solution for your business!

  • Severe Duty; Hazardous Duty; Explosion Proof – Petro Chemical Industry

  • Petro Chemical Industry and challenging applications

  • Washdown Stainless Steel Food/Beverage

  • Crusher Duty / Aggregate

  • HVAC

  • Brushless AC/DC Motors

  • US Vertical Hollow shaft

  • Marathon: Blue MAX; Black MAX, Slow Speed High Torque; DC to AC Motor Upgrades

  • Farm Duty

From 0.5Hp to multi thousand Horsepower, 120V to 13,600V, we maintain and supply motors of all sizes!

Louisville Electric Motor RepairWe have a large service area with multiple Midwest locations to better serve our clients. We offer 24-hour industrial solutions and equipment repair.