May 16, 2017
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    General Purpose:

    Primary duties include, but are not limited to; the safe data collection and rewinding of AC/DC electric motors, generators, armatures, rotors, transformers, magnet and brake coils and related electrical components.  Brazing, soldering and welding of copper, aluminum, steel, etc.  Verification of applicable rewinds by core loss, hi pot, phase balance, rotational direction, meg-ohm and similar testing.  Documentation of pre & post testing data.

    Essential Functions:

    • Identify the type of equipment needing repair such as AC/DC Motors, generators, armatures, transformers, coils, etc.
    • Document the external data associated with the equipment or winding.
    • Diagnose and/or test the equipment for malfunctions, failures or damage using diagnostic equipment such as megger, hi pot, AC or DC test panels and related equipment.
    • Dismantle equipment and collection internal data.
    • Identify and document internal winding data.
    • Convert internal winding data as applicable per EASA guidelines.
    • Remove old winding from core or bobbin.
    • Utilize available core test equipment and programs to determine core viability and proper heat dispersion.
    • Repair or modify existing core to meet test criteria.
    • Complete full or partial core re-stack, if necessary
    • Determine correct insulation of core and component parts applicable to the equipment Insulation Classification.
    • Correctly size and wind coils or wire applicable to insulated equipment.
    • Perform appropriate wire insertion, wedging and tying of winding or wire.
    • Perform connection sequence including equipment necessary for final soldering, brazing or welding of internal coil leads to exterior leads.
    • Tie and proof end clearance of finished winding.
    • Perform and document final electrical and mechanical test results of the winding, insulation and connections.
    • Apply the necessary fit, thread and identification coating to allow the correct insulating varnish application.
    • Dip and bake winding, if applicable.
    • Clean up coated fits, threads and identification plates of dip & baked winding.
    • Perform final testing and documentation, if applicable.


    • High School Diploma or Equivalent.
    • A minimum of 1 to 3 years experience in electrical / mechanical repair, motor shop servicing or completion of an accredited EASA or military training program.
    • Ability to work independently or as part of a team as applicable.
    • Requires diagnostic trouble-shooting, disassembly, measurement, data collection, failure analysis, repair, re-assembly, testing and safety abilities at a career skilled tradesman level.

    Requires oral and written skills to effectively communicate with co-workers, shop staff, supervisors and managers.

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