Industrial Motor Repair Shop

Is your company or facility in need of an industrial motor repair shop?  Horner Industrial Group has been servicing and maintaining industrial motors for nearly a century!  Our highly skilled professionals utilize quality materials and thorough testing procedures to provide 24/7 support.

Motor Repair Services and Support:

Our industrial motor repair shop provides services that include inspection, testing and documentation, motor rewind and reconditioning, repair and removal.  We can repair a wide range of industrial and manufacturing motors.  Here are a few:

  • Brushless AC/DC Motors
  • Synchronous Motors
  • Hoist and Crane Motors
  • Spindle Motors
  • High Frequency Motors
  • AC/DC Servo Motors

Industrial Motor Repair ShopIndustrial or Commercial, Big or Small: We’ll Repair It!

Horner Industrial uses the latest technologies in industrial motor repair.  We provide industry leading Phenix Variable Voltage test paneling and Dynamometer load testing up to 2000 HP.  Here are some other technologies we’re utilizing:

  • PDMA Electrical Testing
  • 10′ x 20′ Isolated Test Bed

Industrial Motor Repair Shop

Motor Delivery Logistics

We give you Security, Cost Savings and Flexibility with our own Logistics Department.  We are one of the few Industrial repair facilities with this ability.

We have our own logistics processes in place to meet the requirements of various industries, our fleet contains over 120 vehicles!

  • Semi with 80,000 GVW rating
  • Numerous flatbeds with 41,000 GVW rating
  • Small delivery 1 ton vehicles
  • Field service box vans
  • Box trucks for water tight carrying
  • Boom trucks for customers without fork lift capabilities

All of this means you can count on us – all the way from your breakdown to delivery. Our truck fleet is ready for your pick up whether we are working on spare equipment or 24/7 emergency equipment.