On one of our 90 degree plus summer days, Horner received a call from a major Hotel near the Indianapolis Airport. The variable frequency drive (VFD) that operates their cooling tower was faulting and preventing the cooling tower from operating. For those who may not know what a cooling tower is, it is used to cool water that is then used to cool the air in the building, and/or cool equipment. So when it is hot, it is a very important piece of equipment. Jeff Meshishnek was sent out to look at the VFD. Jeff identified that the VFD was terminal and could not be repaired. This news put the customer into something of a panic, if the temps in the building were to reach 96 degrees, they would be in a world of trouble. They had guests booked and other activities scheduled so Jeff relayed the issues to Marty Hartman. Marty worked with Inside Sales to identify and locate a new VFD. A drive was taken out of Horner inventory by Kerry Howell, and taken to the hotel. The swap out was completed before the temps reached the magical 96 degrees, and the Hotel party was on! Horner served the Hotel well, with the in-stock inventory to be able to get them back up and running. Jeff had his first “emergency/got to have it, job” behind him now too. Many more to come….. Very nice job to ALL who facilitated this happening as it did.