A manufacturer of insulation and commercial roofing, along with glass fibers and nonwovens recently had a project to rebuild their glass melter and scheduled to have the plant completely shut down for 60 days. Mike Croft and I met with the electrical engineering staff on-site and listened to their problems. Mike, another vendor, and I walked the entire plant taking pictures and collecting information on their electrical substations. We ended up getting the bid for right around $300,000.00. For the 3 months leading up to the outage, we met weekly (either in person or conference call/TEAMS meeting) and agreed/planned to have 3 weeks to complete our project. Once the Field Service crew arrived on-site it was communicated that our plans had changed, and we now had a total of 7 calendar days to be done. Without the assistance of Mike Croft, Collin Mann, and Ralph Coonce we would have been doomed for failure from the start; instead, the customer is bringing the plant back online without any issues. The Field Service guys (Rick, Bob, Kevin, Gary, Matt, Collin, and Mike), on the ground did a great job. Not only did the guys perform their jobs in a top notch, professional manner – they did it safely without any injuries or near misses…working around 15 kV equipment allows for no wiggle room!! In addition to the substation work, the customer wanted Horner Field Service to supply and install (10) IR windows and (16) M-taps. Springfield reconditioned (3) motors, the 916 shop PM’ed (12) transformers, Cincinnati rebuilt (5) hydraulic cylinders, (3) of which are 12 feet long, Machining Services manufactured a small fuse holder overnight and now there are several breakers to recondition and bill. Great work everyone!