PdMA testing is a powerful tool, used by Horner Industrial, that can help reduce your unplanned downtime and repair/replacement costs.

Not only has the use of PdMA testing allowed Horner’s customers to detect potential problems in advance, but it also reduces their total cost for operation because unplanned downtime is significantly reduced. With improved motor reliability at hand thanks to this innovative approach by our technology, anyone who employs these tests can expect an increase in efficiency and less worker time spent fixing or replacing damaged equipment under warranty conditions as well!

Horner PdMA Testing

Horner PdMA testing allows your company the opportunity to:

  • Provide a baseline of the motors condition at a particular time

  • Prequalify motors before and after a repair or cleaning
  • PdMA Testing analyzes data, defines problems and can isolate root
    causes of failures.

PdMA testing provides critical motor data on:

  • Motor Winding
  • Motor Lead Cables
  • Power circuit health
  • Power Quality
  • Air Gap
  • Condition of the Stator & Rotor

PdMA testing provides you with the critical information you need to make decisions for planned maintenance, instead of paying the exorbitant costs incurred with an unplanned failure.

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