Horner Fan & Fabrication has been in business since 1895, servicing the industrial and commercial markets. Horner can assist in the design, repair and manufacturing of the following industrial fan systems:

  • Fume Exhaust Systems
  • Industrial Fans and Blowers
  • Ventilation and Exhaust Systems
  • Dust & Material Collecting Devices
  • Structural Steel Supports: Catwalks, Work Platforms, Stairs, Ladders, Racking, Transfer Carts

In addition, Horner offers thermal spray & industrial fan coatings.  This advantage of using Thermal Spray with Loctite Industrial Coatings to improve your fan longevity and repair parts that would have been scrap!

Fan Coatings

Fan Coatings:

The company currently employees and maintains three trained technicians specifically for this application process. Benefits of thermal sprayed coatings in the Maintenance & Repair industry:

  • Compared to purchasing a new component, thermal spray coating is generally more economical (price and lifespan).
  • Enhanced properties (wear, thermal, corrosion resistance) can be “added” to parts making them better than original
  • A worn-out product becomes a high-quality and valuable component once again.
  • Often the lead-times are much shorter than obtaining a new part.
  • The thermal spray process does not affect the characteristics of the base material, compared to most competitive overlay techniques

Fan Coatings

Parts and Shop Department:

We are your complete source for part cutting, metal forming, welding, assembly, and installation. We keep our extensive parts and shop departments stocked with everything we could need for your fan or exhaust system maintenance, including:

  • Bearings
  • Blower Wheels & Assemblies
  • Industrial V-Belts
  • Condenser Propellers
  • Sheaves/Pulleys/Bushings

  • Various Drive Components
  • Motors
  • Steel & Aluminum Sheets
  • Structural Bars
  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Beams
  • Heavy Plates
  • T.G. & P. Shafting

We pride ourselves in rapid turnaround, excellent quality and competitive pricing. We can assist from conceptual design to the final installation.

Fan Coatings

Fan Coatings


We give you Security, Cost Savings and Flexibility with our own Logistics Department.  We are one of the few Industrial repair facilities with this ability.

Fan CoatingsWe have our own logistics processes in place to meet the requirements of various industries, our fleet contains over 120 vehicles!

  • Semi with 80,000 GVW rating
  • Numerous flatbeds with 41,000 GVW rating
  • Small delivery 1 ton vehicles
  • Field service box vans
  • Box trucks for water tight carrying
  • Boom trucks for customers without fork lift capabilities

All of this means you can count on us – all the way from your breakdown to delivery. Our truck fleet is ready for your pick up whether we are working on spare equipment or 24/7 emergency equipment.