Cool BLUE inductive absorbers operate in a similar fashion as a common mode choke by absorbing the damaging high frequency noise associated with VFD’s. Maximize equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs associated with grounding rings, and avoid unscheduled downtime. The installation around motor cables takes less than 10 minutes. Simply disconnect the cables, install the cores around the cables, and reattach. Done!

Applications Include:

  • Electric vehicles (EV)
  • Agriculture

  • Hospital/commercial/office buildings chillers

  • Wind, solar, and other renewable energies

  • Paper/bottling/food/chemical manufacturing

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • OEM manufacturers of HVAC equipment

  • All international VFD manufacturers

  • All types of pumps and fans

Find your best nanotech® kit

For a more detailed understanding and to ensure you choose the best product for your needs, we highly recommend visiting the Nanotech® selector through the provided link. Additionally, for a quick reference and easier comparison, you might find the chart below extremely useful as it visually summarizes the key features and specifications of each product in the Nanotech® range.

VFD SIZECable Length (ft)
1 – 150
Cable Length (ft)
151 – 300
Cable Length (ft)
301 – 450
Cable Length (ft)
UP TO 1HPOKIT.0-1HP-150OKIT.0-1HP-300OKIT.0-1HP-450OKIT.0-1HP-451+
1.1 – 10HPOKIT1.1-10HP-150OKIT1.1-10HP-300OKIT1.1-10HP-450OKIT1.1-10HP-451+
11 – 40HPOKIT11-40HP-150OKIT11-40HP-300OKIT11-40HP-450OKIT11-40HP-451+
41 – 50HPOKIT41-50HP-150OKIT41-50HP-300OKIT41-50HP-450OKIT41-50HP-451+
51 – 100HPOKIT51-100HP-150OKIT51-100HP-300OKIT51-100HP-450OKIT51-100HP-451+
101 – 428HPOKIT101-428HP-150OKIT101-428HP-300OKIT101-428HP-450OKIT101-428HP-451+
429 – 1631HPRKIT429-1631HP-150RKIT429-1631HP-300RKIT429-1631HP-450RKIT429-1631HP-451+

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