I would like to introduce a new addition to Cincinnati! It’s our Cool New Cuttin machine. That’s right, we now have a CNC lathe. If you want to get technical it’s a Computer Numerical Control lathe.
This is a big step towards our future for the Cincinnati shop. We have several customers that require the same new parts machined on a repetitive basis. We have also had other requests from time to time to quote machining new parts per customer specs. This machine allows us to accomplish all of the above at a very competitive rate compared to manual machining.
This is a ProtoTrak lathe and it is designed specifically for 1) Single or small batch runs and 2) Easy To Use due to its Windows based software. This model is also designed to machine smaller parts. For new parts, the data entry can be made with either metric or standard dimensions. After programming is complete, the new program can be saved on a thumb drive. If there is an existing program, it can be loaded right at the machine or from our CAD computer in the office.
When we were evaluating the machine we had the ProtoTrak rep machine a piston that we regularly machine manually. The ProtoTrak was over 60% more efficient to machine one piece (this included the programming) compared to manual machining. This CNC lathe will allow us to increase our workflow, increase our margins, or for competitive quote requests, and we can lower our quotes.