Join our team of highly experienced professionals with a career at Horner Industrial Group. Due to our continued growth, we are always seeking qualified candidates in the electric motor industry. From analysts to technicians, management and field support, Horner is an equal opportunity employer. We offer competitive wages, healthcare benefits, a 401k plan with employer match, a great working environment, and a talented team of experienced professionals with whom you will work closely.

AC/DC Repair Shop

Industrial Blower, Gearbox, and Industrial Equipment Mechanics

Industrial Pump Mechanics

AC/DC Motor Winders

Electrical and Mechanical Field Services

The following positions are available:

Horner Industrial Group Indianapolis, Indiana May, 16

Instructions for Applying

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please complete the following steps to apply:

1) Please download our employment application

2) Please fill out the application or print it.

3) Please scan the application if printed, or save it to the computer.

4) Select a position below, click Apply towards the bottom and fill out the form.

5) Please attach the application, your resume and cover letter and click ‘submit.

If you have questions about the process, please watch our quick video explaining the process.

Relocation assistance may be offered to qualified candidates.

Alternatively, you may fill out an application in person, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at our corporate office, located at 1521 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46201.

Alongside our commitment to our customers is our commitment to our employees. With our average employee tenure of 15 years, there’s no question that Horner’s reputation is due in large to the wonderful men and women that work here.

Horner offers competitive pay and benefits, a team of people who love what they do, opportunities to grow your skills and trade knowledge, and a supportive environment that inspires. With the large selection of services we offer you will always have the opportunity to work on different equipment from different industries and customers.

We want good people in every job. From mechanics and machinists, interns and drivers, business and administration, we have career paths for everyone. And if you’re a military veteran, we’d love to learn more about you and introduce you to opportunities at Horner.

Medical and dental are just the beginning. We value our employees and offer benefits packages that also include: Paid Vacation and Sick Time, Medical/Dental/Vision, 401K with Match, Disability, Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account, Life Insurance, and a Referral Program. There is growth potential and a no-layoff practice.

“Horner is a fantastic place to work, they have been very good to me. I’ve been a winder for Horner for 18 years and I love how challenging it is, seldom do you see two of the same to wind. I also love our owner Alan, you can personally call him anytime you need it.”

Buster Hinds, Winder

“We keep cutting edge equipment in the shop- we have the best test stand in the Midwest! I like Horner because the time I spent here has made me better and I am always learning something new.”

Billy Burge, Motor Mechanic

“The best job I’ve ever had. In 2006 I was laid off, in my 40’s and scared. After coming to Horner I now don’t have to worry about being laid off as Horner has never had a lay off. I am Horner’s biggest cheerleader- come work with us!”

Darrell Haltom, Motor Mechanic

“I love this place! It’s air conditioned, and I work with a lot of great people including our owner Alan.”

Mike Cogswell, Gearbox, pump, equipment mechanic

“I love the environment here, and the work that I do. The variety of work keeps it interesting.”

Mark Rosebrock, Field Service

“I love the Horner family and all my colleagues. I love that we can do work that our competitors can’t do. The look on our customer’s faces when we do a job well done is priceless!”

Gary Anderson, Field Service

“I just started here at Horner recently and the first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone is and the pay is good. I am looking forward to growing my skills and working on different equipment every day since Horner brings in equipment from many different industries and companies.”

Drew Croucher, Manual Machinist

“It’s busy, which I like. We have a lot of work here so I feel secure. What I love about Horner is that we all work together in the shop, helping each other as needed.”

Tom Weddle, Manual Machinist
Do I have to go through a temp service to work for Horner?2021-08-03T18:46:53-04:00


Do you provide per diem for Field Service Workers?2021-08-03T18:46:37-04:00


I have worked as an aviation mechanic, am I eligible to apply for a Mechanic position?2021-08-03T18:46:24-04:00


I have CNC machining skills, am I eligible to apply for a Manual Machinist position?2021-08-03T18:46:12-04:00

Need 1-3 years of experience with manual mills or lathes

I don’t have the best background but I have turned around my life, am I eligible to apply?2021-08-03T18:46:01-04:00

Yes you may still apply

Do you hire part time for those who have already retired?2021-08-03T18:45:49-04:00

We may consider PT opportunities for qualified individuals

I have hearing loss, can I still work at Horner?2021-08-03T18:45:37-04:00


What are the basic requirements needed to be hired as a mechanic?2021-08-03T18:45:27-04:00

1-3 years of experience equipment repair including industrial, automotive, or heavy equipment

What are the basic requirements needed to be hired as a machinist?2021-08-03T18:44:56-04:00

1-3 years of manual machining experience and the ability to use micrometers and calipers

I have a lot of mechanical knowledge but not about industrial equipment, am I still a good candidate?2021-08-03T18:44:43-04:00


What are the shifts at each location?2021-08-03T18:44:33-04:00

Shift schedules for each location may differ

If I am not familiar with some machines listed in the job description do you train?2021-08-03T18:44:23-04:00


What is included in relocation assistance?2021-08-03T18:44:12-04:00

Moving Services/Temporary Storage/Temporary Housing

Do you provide a vehicle for Field Service Workers?2021-08-03T18:32:51-04:00


What kind of travel is involved for Field Service?2021-08-03T18:32:38-04:00

Primarily Day Travel; however, some overnight stays are required approximately 10% of the time

Do you offer help buying tools to work at Horner?2021-08-03T18:32:29-04:00

Yes, Horner has a Tool Purchase Program

What tools are required to work at Horner?2021-08-03T18:32:14-04:00

Most positions require at least basic hand tools up to ½”

Is a drug test part of my application?2021-08-03T18:31:58-04:00

A Pre-Employment Drug test is required after the candidate has accepted an offer

Is a background check required?2021-08-03T18:31:47-04:00


Can I still apply if I don’t match the skill level on the job listing?2021-08-03T18:31:37-04:00


Do you have an employee referral program?2021-08-03T18:31:26-04:00


I am interested in equipment repair but I have no experience. Do you have an entry level position?2021-08-03T18:31:14-04:00

Yes, we have general helper positions which have opportunities for advancement

Do you hire outside of the US?2021-08-03T18:30:49-04:00

All candidates for consideration must be eligible to work for any employer in the U.S.

How long will it take for you to get back to me on my application?2021-08-03T18:15:27-04:00

Typically 1-3 days

I’m interested in several roles or locations. Is one application enough?2021-08-03T18:15:04-04:00

Yes as long as you note the positions and/or “open to relocation” on the application

What kind of growth opportunities are there at Horner?2021-08-03T18:15:10-04:00

Horner always tries to promote from within before seeking external candidates

What academic backgrounds are needed to work at Horner?2021-08-03T18:14:06-04:00

No formal education is required for most positions

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