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Centrifugal Force – What Is It?

The words “centrifugal force” were first used in the year 1698, so it is far from a new concept. A dictionary definition is “the apparent force that is felt by an object that is moving in a curved path that acts outwardly away from the center of rotation.” We have all felt the effects of centrifugal force when we are driving our car or truck and turn a corner at a high rate of speed. As long as we are moving in a straight line, we do not feel this force but when we exit the highway at a high rate [...]

Centrifugal Force – What Is It?2021-01-10T16:32:56+00:00

Horner Warehouse Offers Valuable Storage Opportunities

A Cement Plant was working on a project where customers can visit their site day and night for ready to use product using an automated system. The holding facility is larger than a grain silo and filled with powder cement. This project is worth millions of dollars and has been put on hold due to COVID-19. The Plant Engineer had a problem, the equipment to run the project was still being built and delivered. He reached out to Horner’s Warehouse to help store and maintain this equipment until the project resumes. We were able to get in contact with Powell Electrical [...]

Horner Warehouse Offers Valuable Storage Opportunities2021-01-10T16:20:00+00:00

Coated Spool for Chemical Plant Praises Coatings

It’s nice to hear from customers time to time whenever something works better than they expected. A chemical company came to Horner Coatings with a problem a couple years ago. The problem: a double flanged spool part that attached to an absorption tower with a pipe that enters the tower to aid in protection of the tower nozzle. The material in the pipe is SO2 gas and there is some water present from the blowers that supply air for combustion. When the water and SO2 react they make sulfurous and sulfuric acid. The spool was only lasting 8-10 weeks before having [...]

Coated Spool for Chemical Plant Praises Coatings2021-01-09T21:40:55+00:00

Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans

A Warehouse and Logistics Company was having electrical problems with three roof mounted exhaust fans. Apparently when installed they had been wired incorrectly. Time took its toll and the units eventually stopped working. The electricians who were called in to evaluate the unit, contacted Horner to evaluate the unit from a mechanical perspective. As suspected, the fans had been installed incorrectly as well. Upon inspection by Horner the following issues were found: incorrectly wired motors – causing failure and incorrectly mounted frames – causing belt wear, sheave deterioration and bearing failure. The customer had the units removed from the roof and [...]

Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans2021-01-09T21:10:08+00:00

Keeping a Plane Safe at 35,000 Feet

Aircraft Engines are the beating heart of an airplane. We, as passengers expect them to run free of mechanical errors and keep us safe in the air no matter what happens: bad weather, geese, etc. The manufacturers of these engines test them extensively to make sure they are built well. Horner gets to be involved somewhat in keeping those testing facilities up and running. An aircraft engine manufacturer needed repair and maintenance on a 6,000 HP Compressor Motor. The compressor furnishes air for testing aircraft engines. It is run on a Dynometer which we have also repaired in the past. The [...]

Keeping a Plane Safe at 35,000 Feet2021-01-09T00:04:12+00:00

2000 HP Aluminum Plant DC Motors

An Aluminum Rolling and Recycling plant, a good Horner customer in Terre Haute brought Todd Cochran (Sales) a problem/ or opportunity to Indianapolis Field Service. The customer has two, 2,000 HP DC motors coupled together, to deliver 4,000 HP to their mill. These motors are about 5-6 foot square, and 10 feet long each. The inside motor, the one coupled between the mill and the second motor, failed and had to be replaced with a spare. This is not something they can shut down for a couple of days. Of course this happens when the Indianapolis Field Service group is working [...]

2000 HP Aluminum Plant DC Motors2021-01-08T23:55:43+00:00

Hydro Electric Power Plant Generators

 The first hydro-electric power plant was commissioned in 1882 in Appleton Wisconsin. It was a collaboration between the owner of Appleton Paper and Thomas Edison. Since then there have been many power plants built to convert moving water through an impeller that turns a generator rotor to produce electricity. This is the original “green power” and was way ahead of solar and wind power to produce electricity without burning fuel. Horner Industrial Group began marketing efforts in hydro-electric power over 10 years ago by attending hydro-electric power trade shows. We quickly learned that most of the power plants are run by [...]

Hydro Electric Power Plant Generators2021-02-18T18:52:01+00:00

High Speed Motion Camera

Motion Magnification See what’s really happening to your equipment in real time.  Pinpoint the root cause of the vibration or dynamic problems costing you time and money! Key Benefits Faster, easier, and less error-prone diagnosis of vibration and system dynamics enable problems to be pinpointed with more certainty. Enables your reliability and maintenance engineers to pinpoint problem root causes, lower maintenance costs, reduce problem resolution time and machine or plant downtime. Applications Localized Structural Vibration: Bearing pedestals Pipe Rack Duct work Cooling Towers Blowers Frequent Mechanical Failures: Pumps Fans Machine Bases Bent shaft Misalignment  

High Speed Motion Camera2021-01-08T23:41:17+00:00

A Fan That Cannot Be Balanced

A power plant kept getting above normal levels of unbalance on a 5000 horsepower 720 RPM fan. They had made several attempts trying to balance the fan, all of which failed. It was then that they made the decision to call in Nelson Baxter who is the manager of Horner’s EMDS Division. Equipment: A 5000 HP 720 RPM fan at a Power Plant. Symptoms: Above normal levels of unbalance that resisted balance efforts. Several attempts were made to balance the fan, all of which were unsuccessful. Test Results: After attempting several balance shots in an I.D. fan, the casing vibration levels [...]

A Fan That Cannot Be Balanced2021-01-08T23:18:48+00:00

Horner Industrial: Peerless Pump Authorized Service Provider

The Horner Industrial Group is proud to announce the prestigious recognition of being appointed as an Approved Service Provider, by Peerless Pump, Indianapolis, Indiana. The agreement became effective on January 23rd, 2020 and is assigned to Horner Industrial’s 940 S. West Street facility. As a result of this appointment, the Horner Industrial Group is now authorized by Peerless Pump to provide Factory Warranty and after-market repairs on all pumps currently and previously manufactured by Peerless Pump. The agreement is effective throughout Horner Industrial Group’s current trading area. The agreement also allows the Horner Industrial Group the opportunity to provide new, factory [...]

Horner Industrial: Peerless Pump Authorized Service Provider2020-03-18T16:53:32+00:00

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