We have a saying that “if you are not making mistakes, you are not doing much.” Well, that holds true for our customers, as well.
Recently, a customer connected a 1000 HP DC motor improperly and the motor was operated until the field and interpole coils failed. Dan Sneary inspected the motor out on-site and determined the windings had failed. The customer did not have a spare motor so this job turned into a full overtime repair job. Bill Roper handled all of the customer communications so our shop could concentrate on the repair work and meeting a one-week deadline.
This motor is manufactured in Europe and was not designed to be easily rewound. Our winders, John Rooks, Mark Bethel, Stephen Clippinger and Dave Mader rose to the challenge. In addition, they had some assistance from field service techs Floyd Mann and Larry Stickney as they had to get rather creative to remove the windings from the frame, as a total assembly. After the coils were re-wound, the buss connections were TIG welded by Tim Powers and Dave Howard. This required a welder to stand inside the frame to access all connections.
This job was worked around the clock and I am proud to say that we met the one-week delivery promise. Thank you to all employees who contributed to this success story of this customer challenge.